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Business Auto Enhancement

Coverage requirements have changed for today’s businesses. Thus, the Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement has been added to broaden the coverage provided in the standard Business Auto policy. This brochure provides a summary of additional coverages and limits in Western Reserve Group’s Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement.

Protecting your Business

We designed our Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement specifically for you. While many of these modifications and extensions are available separately, we've combined them together under one endorsement. This significantly reduces your costs and conveniently provides you with numerous broadened coverages.

Ask you Independent Insurance Agent to quote the Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement with your Western Reserve Group commercial policy today!

Eligibility – The Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement requires Hired Auto Liability Coverage and Non-Ownership Auto Liability Coverage, including at least one scheduled auto written with Comprehensive and Collision Coverage.

Premium Development – depending on your policy, the endorsement is available for as little as an additional $100 minimum charge.

Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement
Coverage & Program Highlights

  • Additional Insured – Blanket

Includes additional insureds on a blanket basis when agreed in a written contract.

  • Airbag Coverage

Provides coverage for accidental discharge.

  • Auto Loan Lease Gap Coverage

Pays the outstanding loan or lease balance of a private passenger vehicle or light truck.

  • Unintentional Failure To Disclose Hazards

If you unintentionally fail to disclose information at policy inception date, we will not deny your claim.

  • Deductible – Multiple

A single deductible amount applies when more that one of your vehicles are involved in the same collision loss.

  • Deductible Waiver – Glass

When glass is repaired instead of replaced, we waive the deductible.

  • Knowledge Of Occurrence Reporting Requirements

Amends your reporting requirements following an accident, claim, suit or loss.

  • Employee Hired Autos

Coverage included for autos that employees hire or rent in their name to conduct your business.

  • Employees As Insureds

Your employee is an Insured when using their own auto in your business or personal affairs.

  • Fellow Employee Coverage

Modifies the exclusion so it does not apply if bodily injury results from use of an auto you own or hire.

  • Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage

Included up to a limit of $50,000.

  • Loss Of Use Expenses – Hired Auto Physical Damage

Broadened to $50 per day, subject to a $1,500 maximum.

  • Newly Acquired Or Formed Organizations

Includes coverage for business entities you form or acquire up to 180 days or end of policy period.

  • Personal Effects Coverage

Provides up to $500 coverage for personal effects in a covered auto that is stolen.

  • Supplementary Payments

Includes up to a $5,000 limit for bail bonds, and we will pay your expenses incurred at our request up to $500 per day.

  • Transportation Expenses

Pays up to $50 per day, subject to a $1,500 maximum for expenses incurred when your private passenger vehicle or light truck is stolen.

  • Waiver Of Subrogation – Blanket

Under a written contract, you may waive our right to recovery from others prior to a loss.


This brochure is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the Business Auto Enhancement Endorsement. Please refer to the endorsement for actual terms, conditions, coverages, limits and exclusions.