The Western Reserve Group offers a comprehensive and competitively priced portfolio of personal, farm, and commercial insurance products. The products are backed by experienced employees dedicated to providing the best possible products and service to agents and policyholders.

Confinement Operations

Western Reserve Group offers specialized coverages for farmers who raise owned or non-owned poultry, swine or other livestock in confinement operations.

  • Confinement Buildings - property coverage provided for farm outbuildings specifically equipped for the feeding, watering, care and shelter of livestock or poultry grown in confinement.
  • Livestock Suffocation – First party coverage for the suffocation death of owned livestock due to power failure to or mechanical breakdown of temperature control or ventilating equipment servicing the building in which they are confined.
  • Contract Growers – provides liability protection for an insured obligated to pay damages due to the death of livestock or poultry owned by others while in the insured’s care, custody or control.